Monday, May 9, 2011

Administering relief to the hands which hang down.....

Last week I learned of a family that was so directly impacted by the tornadoes in Alabama that I just sat and cried and then began praying for them. Sherry and Tom Lee are the parents of 13 children. Not only did they lose everything as a result of the tornado that destroyed their home but they also lost Tom and 3 of the children were badly injured. I have watched for word of their situation since then and just saw today that Sherry posted about their tragedy on her blog.

Please pray for this family and their neighbors. If you have the financial resources to contribute to their needs please send it directly to:

Sherry Lee–P.O. Box 1246, Ashville, AL. 35953

I'm sure money and gift cards would prove needful right now. My own finances are extrememly tight so I'm sending a few handmade things to help rebuild the beauty of their home. Sherry seems like the kind of woman who would like homemade useful things. It appeared to me by looking at the pictures from before the tornado that she decorated her kitchen in blue and white and also enjoyed the country cottage look.

You can find her blog at:

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